Greetings Everyone,

WOW!  I know God saw this coming, but did any of us?  Are there any of us who could have guessed just one month ago how different our lives would be right now?  I know I didn’t, and I’m guessing you didn’t either.  I know that there is much debate back and forth whether the drastic steps taken to combat the spread of the coronavirus are an overreaction, but whether they are or not, God has used a virus to grind our daily (often overly hectic) lives to a virtual standstill.  Social distancing, no eating out at restaurants, stay at home orders, constant hand washing and sanitizing, face masks, and visits with relatives and loved ones through the windows, by phone or by texting are right now are just a part of everyday life.

Even with all this happening, I know God is good, and I know He has a reason for all of this.  I can’t presume to know the mind of God, but I do know that many of us are being forced to refocus our view of what’s important in our lives and to be reminded of Who’s really in control.  I also know God will accomplish His will and purpose for His glory through all this.

One of the inspiring things to come out of all this is the variety of creative ways people have come up with to stay in touch.  With that in mind, we realize that some or much of our spring/summer travel and concert schedule could possibly be cancelled.  We have no idea when we will be able to see many of you, and we hate the thought that we may not see some of you until next year.  We also miss singing more than you can imagine. 

So, with those thoughts in mind and thinking maybe we could all use some encouragement during this time, we came up with the idea of streaming an Easter mini concert this Sunday.  We know it won’t be the same as being with all of you, but under the circumstances it’s the closest we can come to it at this time.  It’s going to be a five or six song concert, and we’re looking forward to being a part of your Easter Sunday.  It will fill a void for us as well since the Easter morning concert we had scheduled at a church near us has been cancelled.

You can access the concert at 9:00 AM this Sunday by going to  On the homepage, type Ambassadors of Grace – Thompson, MO into the search bar and it should take you to a list of videos where you will find our Easter concert.  Be sure and leave one space between the “e” in Grace and the dash, and another space between the dash and the “T” in Thompson when you enter it in the search bar.  If you don’t want to do all that, you can check your inbox Sunday morning, as I plan to send another newsletter with a link to the concert.  We’re recording the concert, so if you can’t watch it at 9:00 in the morning you can still access it whenever you’re able to watch it.

We know these are unusual and difficult times.  It’s our desire that this mini concert will be a blessing and encourage you.  If you want to write we’d love to hear how you’re doing.  We hope and pray that you are all well and healthy, and we’re hoping to see at least some of you this summer.  Until then, please remember that all the blessings we have, even during these hard times, and especially our salvation, are all…..


Because of Christ,

Dennis and Cheryl/Ambassadors of Grace