Greetings friends, 

I know so many of you who read our newsletter have been praying for Cheryl, her mom, and her mom’s health.  We are so grateful for all your prayers and concern, so we wanted to send out an update.

Cheryl’s mom’s health had deteriorated over the last couple of weeks.  She was admitted to the hospital on January 24 with a dangerously low platelet count.  She received platelets on Saturday, the 25th, without much improvement.

Our main concern through all of her sickness and treatment was her salvation.  We rejoice in letting you know that Cheryl had some time alone with her mom on Sunday morning, and her mom chose to receive Christ as her Savior.   We are rejoicing for her because a little over 24 hours later, at around 11:00 am on Monday, she passed away.  We rejoice that she is now with her Savior and her struggle is over! 

There is no way we can ever express our gratitude to those of you who prayed for Cheryl’s mom, and especially for her salvation.   Many of you have become some of our closets friends.  

We hope Cheryl’s mom’s story will encourage you to keep praying for your family members and friends who are unsaved no matter how long you’ve been praying for them.  God is gracious, and the door is open until their life on earth is done.  Keep praying they will choose to accept Him. 

Cheryl has dedicated so much time time to being her mom’s caregiver that it will be an adjustment now that she’s gone.  Please continue to pray for Cheryl as she transitions from her caregiver role, and I know any words of encouragement would be a blessing.  

Thanks, God bless you, and may we all remember that each blessing we receive is all…..

Because of Christ, 

Dennis and Cheryl/ Ambassadors of Grace