December greetings, everyone!

Can you believe we have already reached the last month of 2020?  I’m sure none of us could have imagined how this year would unfold, and I’m sure most people are ready for this year to be over.  We hope those of you reading this had a blessed Thanksgiving in spite of all that’s going on in our country and around the world.

I plan on writing a Christmas newsletter later this month, and then that will be followed soon after by our end of the year recap letter (that could be an interesting one), but the purpose of this letter is to inform you of two concerts we have coming up.

For those of you in the central Missouri area, we have a Christmas concert with the Liberty Belles on Saturday, December 12, at 5:00 pm.  It will be at Liberty Baptist Church in Columbia, MO.  We have done this for several years now, but it is usually on a Sunday morning or evening.  We are hoping that some of you who faithfully attend Sunday church services at a church other than Liberty will be able to attend since this year’s concert is on a Saturday evening.

The next announcement is for everyone, but may be of special interest to our Iowa and Nebraska friends.  Normally there is a New Year’s Eve concert in Keosauqua, IA that many of you attend.  That has been changed to a virtual event this year, so we have organized a live New Year’s Eve concert in Mexico, MO this year. 

It will start with a soup supper at 5:00 pm in the Church of God Holiness Christian Life Center in Mexico.  Soups and drinks will be provided, as well as tableware.  If you are able, you can bring side dishes, snacks or desserts to share.  Music will start at 6:00 pm.  We have four groups scheduled to participate:  Heirs Together from Lincoln, NE, The Liberty Belles from the Columbia, MO area, The Formans from Fulton, MO, and Ambassadors of Grace from good ole Thompson, MO!  We plan to be finished with the music no later than 8:30 pm so that those planning to drive home that evening will not be on the roads late at night.

For anyone planning to attend the New Year’s Eve concert and needing a motel room, we have been able to secure at least a 10% discount at the Days Inn in Mexico, which is just a couple of miles from our venue.  We have been able to secure a 20% discount if we can assure the owner of at least 10 rooms, so if you are planning on getting a motel room could you please contact me at or give me a call at 573-819-2273 before you book your room?  That way I can let the owner know ahead of time how many reservations there will be, then you can get your discount when you make your reservations.

There will be no admission charge for either of these concerts.  Free will donations will be accepted and appreciated at the New Year’s Eve event. 

We hope many of you will take one or both of these opportunities to get together and praise the Lord for all He has done for us.  It would be great to see many of the faces we haven’t seen over the last year or so.  We’re looking forward to hearing from some of you!  In the meantime, let’s remember that the reason we celebrate Christmas is……

Because of Christ,

Dennis and Cheryl/Ambassadors of Grace