Greetings Everyone,

It has been a busy year for us so far in so many ways.  Cheryl is still having to attend to her dad quite a bit, and that takes up a lot of her time.  She’s also leading a Bible study on Wednesday mornings, taking care of me, taking care of our house, mowing the lawn, taking care of our two outdoor cats, etc., etc., etc.  The list seems never ending.  Thankfully, she is getting to sing some this year, as well.  From the first of the year through May 7 we had 12 concerts, and she was able to make 10 of them.  The only ones she didn’t make were two we had down in Texas in January. 

I then spent 18 days singing in Nebraska by myself in May.  It was while I was on that trip Cheryl told me that unless the Lord put a gigantic road block in her way (concerning her dad) she planned on making the next trip up to Northwest Iowa and South Dakota in June.  I was obviously more than happy to hear that, and the Lord allowed her to make that trip.  It was her first real road trip in over two years, and she had missed it so much.  We had 10 singing opportunities during the 11 day trip, and every one of them blessed us immensely.  She was able to see some people she hadn’t seen in over two years, and making those connections were a special blessing to her, as well.

We got home Monday evening, but the stay at home is short.  We leave tomorrow evening to head to Stuart, IA for two concerts.  The first will be this Thursday, the 23rd, at New Beginnings Open Bible Church in Stuart for their monthly Thursday Night Out concert.  Then Saturday night, the 25th, there will be a concert by us, the Matt Carroll Family, and the Larry Delawder Family at the All Saints Center in Stuart.  Larry is a Barney Fife impersonator, as well, and I believe he is the best one out there, so we’re looking forward to two great concerts.  Both of these concerts start at 7:00, and we’d love to see you at one or both, if you can make it!

Most if not all of our concerts in July, I will be doing by myself, as Cheryl will have to accompany her dad to VA appointments a few times during the month.  Since there are no Gospel sings during July, it will be a chance for her to catch up on spending a little time trying to get him out of his house and go do some things before the rest of the Gospel sings happen in August.  She is going to try to make the rest of the sings this year, so that means she plans on being at the Guthrie County Gospel Sing in Guthrie Center, IA, the Voices of Peace Gospel Fest in Hilbert, WI, and the Kalona Gospel Sing in Kalona, IA.  Those take place on the first, third and fourth weekends in August, so hopefully everything will work out with her dad so she can make it.  

I was so blessed to be able to have my wife with me on this trip.  I enjoy singing for the Lord any chance I get, but it is so much more enjoyable when I can sing with Cheryl.  Spending so much time without her on the road last year made God’s declaration that “it is not good that man should be alone” right before He created Eve, really hit home in a strong way.  It was not only the singing alone that was sometimes hard but also not having someone there to share things with and unwind with after a great concert or when the Lord did something amazing during a concert or just during the day.  I’m so thankful for the wife the Lord has given me, and I’m thankful He allowed her to make this trip. 

In closing, we want to share a video with you of us singing with a young man named Seth Witte.  We have sung for 12 years at the two day benefit Gospel concert in Sioux Center, IA that benefits Hope Haven ministries.  Our first year there we met Seth, and over the years he has become a great friend, even though he is the biggest Chicago Cubs fan in the world. (None of us are perfect, and if you don’t root for the Cardinals, you’re definitely not!)  Seth has Cerebral Palsey and is confined to a wheelchair, but I wish more people had his fantastic outlook on life.  He is a joy to be around.  He has a great sense of humor, and he says, “Of course I do.  My last name is Witte!”  (pronounced witty) He’s a great encourager, loves music, and knows more about Southern Gospel quartet music than anyone I know, including me.

For years we have been trying to get him to sing a song with us during one of our sets, and he always declines.  Last year he made the mistake of promising in front of the whole audience that this year he would sing with Cheryl and me (or me if I was by myself).  We held him to that promise, and like a man, he kept his word!  So, we hope you will enjoy this video of Seth singing the old Blackwood Brothers Quartet number, “I’m Feelin’ Fine.”  Just click on the link, Ambassadors of Grace with Seth Witte, at the bottom of the newsletter. 

I hope it will also serve as a reminder to all of us that God makes no mistakes.  This young man, and so many others like him, are such a blessing to so many people.  Please remember that all life is sacred; the pre-born, the afflicted, the infirmed, the down and out, the elderly and those who are in the last stages of their lives.  All lives matter to God because He is their creator, and they should matter to us, as well.  He sent His son to die for us so that we could have our sins forgiven, and we need to let everyone know that God loves them and wants to spend eternity with them, and that’s all possible……


Ambassadors of Grace with Seth Witte