Greetings Everyone,

It’s time for our 2019 year end recap newsletter.  The last several years we have been in Texas when I’ve written this letter, but as I said in our Christmas newsletter, we’ve decided to stay in Missouri this winter.  If we were in Texas this year I would be writing this letter in sunny, 75 degree weather.  Since we are in Missouri I’m writing it in 25 degree weather with some ice on the ground and snow falling.  In this case the old real estate saying is true; location, location, location!

We had a blessed year in 2019, even becoming an international group, as we sang at Triple C Bible Camp in Ontario, Canada.  It was the first time we’ve sung in Canada, and we hope to have more opportunities there in the future.

We had 133 singing dates in 2019.  Here is the breakdown by month, state and venue type.


January – 6

February – 7

March – 3

April – 6

May – 17

June – 21

July – 20

August – 20

September – 13

October – 16

November – 1

December – 3



Iowa – 52

Missouri – 17

Texas – 17

Nebraska – 14

South Dakota – 10

Alaska – 6

Minnesota – 6

Illinois – 4

Wisconsin – 4

Michigan – 2

Ontario, CA – 1


Venue Type

Retirement Communities – 39

Churches – 31

Gospel Sings – 20

Fairs / Festivals – 13

RV Parks – 10

Benefit Concerts – 7

Senior Luncheons – 4

Cowboy Churches – 2

Rescue Missions – 2

Prisons – 2

Veterans Homes – 2

Sheltered Workshops – 1


Now it’s time for our low-lights / highlights report.


Usually we have a few things that fall in this category, but after some thought we came up with only one low-light this year.  Cheryl’s mom found out in August that her cancer was no longer in remission.  It has been a tough road since then, and her condition has steadily gone downhill.  Cheryl has been her caregiver for over a month now, and that’s what prompted our decision to stay in Missouri this winter.


As of April our 2003 Chevrolet van had 361,000 miles on it.  Cheryl hoped we could find a newer van before we embarked on our summer tour and praise the Lord we were able to secure one!  Actually, it was only one year newer, but it had 160,000 less miles on it.  It has performed well since we’ve had it.  We consider it a blessing and hope our old van gives many more miles of service to a ministry in Alaska that received it.

As mentioned earlier, we had the blessing of singing in Canada for the first time ever.  We thoroughly enjoyed singing there and were blessed by the people we met.  Combined with the singing opportunity we also were able to see Niagara Falls for the first time.  God’s creation and the beauty He has provided for us never fails to amaze us and inspire awe in us.

Many people would consider this next item a low-light, but we’re counting it as a highlight.  A good friend we made in Texas (his summer home was in Minnesota) passed away this fall.  He was in his nineties and his health had declined the last few years.  He and his wife made it to a concert we had in Rochester, MN about a month before he passed away, so we were able to see him one last time.  After he passed, his family said he wanted us to sing at his funeral if possible.  Even though we had to drive all night after a concert in Michigan the night before the funeral, we were able to make it to Austin, MN in time to sing.  It was a real blessing to be a part of the funeral, to learn things about his life we hadn’t known before, and especially to know where he is now spending eternity.

 If you have the time, we’d love to hear how your 2019 went, as well as any prayer requests you may have. 

 Our prayer requests:

          Cheryl’s mom’s salvation

          For Cheryl to have strength, stamina and patience as she cares for her parents  

          Also, please pray that God will give us wisdom in how to proceed with our ministry as Cheryl spends so much time being a caregiver for her mom.

 Well, that’s our recap.  We hope you’ve enjoyed reliving our year with us.  We were truly blessed in 2019, and we realize more each day that it’s all…..

 Because of Christ,

Dennis and Cheryl / Ambassadors of Grace