Greetings Everyone,

It is our hope that some form of normalcy has returned to your lives and that there is light at the end of the tunnel to whatever restrictions you’ve had to endure during this uncertain time for our country.  Living in Missouri, we’ve had freedom (no statewide restrictions or mandates) from many of the restrictions other states have put in place.  Some of the larger cities and municipalities in Missouri have enacted their own local restrictions, but living in a rural area these have not affected us to any great extent, and most of the state is open.

Churches statewide are a different story.  Many of these have had tougher restrictions placed on them where large crowds normally gather (grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, casinos, etc.)  Some churches in our rural areas are still not meeting in person, much less churches in the more metropolitan areas of the state.  Hopefully, you have been able to attend church in person and worship with your fellow believers during this time.  God wants us to encourage and lift each other up, and though church is not the only place or time we can do that, He intended us to gather together to worship Him and to strengthen us.

Our singing schedule has finally picked up a bit.  We have now sung 19 times since last October, with 13 of those coming in just the last two months.  Because so many venues were under Covid 19 community restrictions, we wondered if we would be able to hold our 16th Annual Benefit Concert for Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home this year, but we were blessed to have Crossroads Cathedral Assembly of God Church in Centralia, MO agree to open their doors for the concert.  We had about 40 in attendance.  We were pleased with that amount attending, with all that’s gone on this year, and the offering was $918.00, so all in all we were very blessed the concert was able to take place this year.  We want to thank our special guests, the Liberty Belles, for agreeing to be a part of the concert this year.

We were also able to hold our benefit concerts for the Life Care Pregnancy Resource Clinics up in Iowa over the first weekend in October.  Not only did we hold concerts in the towns of Stuart and Creston (current clinic office locations), but this year we held one in Atlantic, where they should have a clinic open by next spring.  The total offering for these three concerts came to $1748.75, which was a tremendous blessing and encouragement to the LC Clinics and us as well.  Thank you to our special guests, Harbor Lights in Stuart and Heirs Together in Creston and Atlantic, for being a part of these concerts.

For those of you in the central Missouri area, the next time we sing will be this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for revival meetings at Antioch Baptist Church in Centralia.  The services start at 6:00 pm on Friday and Saturday, with the Sunday services at 10:45 am and 6:00 pm.  Brother Norman Forman, whom many of you are already familiar with, will be the guest evangelist for the revival, while Cheryl and I will be handling the special music for each service.  We welcome you to come out and be a part of the services.  I believe we could all use some revival in our hearts, and a time to refocus our lives to serve God during this time of uncertainty and unrest in our country.

We want to let our Iowa friends know that on October 22, New Beginnings Church in Stuart will be holding their 4th annual Harvest Dinner and Hymn Sing.  The meal will be served from 5:00-6:30 pm, while the sing goes from 6:30 until approximately  8:00.  The menu is ham, green beans, baked potato, assorted salads, dessert and a drink, and it will be available for a free will donation.  The groups participating will be Ambassadors of Grace, Harbor Lights, Heirs Together, New Shoes and the Loynachans, along with Gary Freeland as a soloist.  There will be lots of congregational hymns sung together, and each group or soloist will also be singing one hymn of their choice.  A love offering will be received to help with the singing groups’ expenses.  Everyone involved would love to have you come out and be a part of the evening with us.  The last three years have been a tremendous blessing, and we are expecting another great time this year.

On a personal level, we have still kept busy at home.  Though several of the improvements/upgrades on the house and shed have been completed, there is still more to do.  The thing is, between several of the projects being completed and our singing schedule increasing, my motivation level has fallen far short of what it was earlier this year!  Also, it looks like we will be home again this winter instead of in Texas, and an extended travel and singing schedule next summer is uncertain as well, so I have convinced myself I have more time to get these things done than I thought I would.  I’m hoping the motivation returns soon, as there are still several things that need to be done.

Cheryl has had her hands full.  Between taking care of her dad’s affairs (VA appointments, helping pay bills, grocery runs, some house cleaning, etc.) and keeping up with her normal routine at home, she doesn’t have much free time on her hands.  It wasn’t until after her mom passed away that we realized how much help Cheryl’s dad would need on a regular basis.  Once again, we are blessed that God has made it possible for Cheryl to be able to provide that help.  She has said that she and her dad have talked more and been closer these last several months than they have ever been in their lives.

We are hoping to record a hymn sing video and get it posted on our YouTube channel in the near future so we can have some connection with those of you we haven’t been able to see this year.  If you can’t make the revival meetings in Centralia or the Hymn Sing in Stuart, we hope we can connect through the video.  Also, if you have the time, we would love to hear some updates from some of you.  You can reply to this newsletter, drop us an email, text us, or give us a call (whichever is your preferred way to communicate these days.)  In the meantime, we hope that through all that has taken place this year you have been reminded that our hope and salvation does not depend on the things of this world, they can only be ours…..


Because of Christ,

Dennis and Cheryl/Ambassadors of Grace